Welcome To Clan Vash's web page

"We may lack in numbers, but you lack in power"

Hey the site is new and nothing in clan vash is new right now, keep coming and check for updates.

Hello guys. Just dropping in to tell you that I have decided to just use this site for rankings and and rules. While Vash3.0 doesn't know this yet he will know by tonight. I have though made a forum site so we all can stay in touch and be more organized and the site is http://www.phpbbforfree.com/forums/?mforum=clanvash , Try to use you diablo2 acount name. Well thats all for now. - Vash2.0

Hey guys, I(Vash3.0) would like to say hello, if I disapear for a while don't get too conserned. I just lost the internet. As you can see all of the old updates are not being deleted, just in case you miss one. The What's new page is the page for all the rules. As a note as good bye for this time, help all the memebers you can so your rank could become better.

Hey guys, I (Vash2.0) will be leaving for band camp today (Sunday August, 7th) and i will not be back until Friday the 12th. One more thing before i go, Vash3.0 is finaly back but his d2 cd key doesn't work for some reason. We are trying to get this problem fixed and we both should be back for good.

Hey guys, as of now (June 29th, 2005) i will be on more for sure. I will be doing as much recruiting as possible... provided that i remember. If you need to get in touch with me my email is at the bottom in a link and yes its still the same. As for vash3.0 i don't think the email is the same so don't bother with it. Well thats it for now. Signing out Vash2.0.

Hey people. Been a looong ass time since either of us has played but if there is anyone reading this (which theres probably not) I (vash2.0) will be back on and playing within the next few weeks so look out for me. i will be recruiting members like there is no tomorrow because i know that there isnt gonna be anyone left. Well peace out and what not signing out vash2.0

Whats up guys. We have another traitor and his name is shane. I'm not sure of what other clan he joined just yet but he told me he had joined another one so look out for him. Thats all there is now Sunday July,18 2004. Peace out vash2.0

Hey ppl whats up. Its monday june 30 2004 and i have some good news. Our beloved vash3.0 currently has online service again! Unfortanatly i dont know when he will be leave again but hopefully he gets to stay back for a little bit well this is all for now signing out is vash2.0 and Oh ya vash3.0

Info about ranks.

Custum page is then new page for ranks. Check there for your rank.

Notifying Clan memebers of meetings

After me and Vash2.0 talk we will start to have clan meetings, they will be posted here, and emailed. Check the site as often as you can, changes will not be told in emails.

Any problums in the clan?

This part will stay the same. If you have a probulm with somebody in clan vash or the clan email Vash2.0 or me, my email is at the bottem. If you need something just email or ask on battle.net if we are on.

Vash2.0's email

Any info?

If you have any info for the clan or info about changeing the site just email me or Vash2.0. Have a pic that will be good for the website just email it. We will have a get to know a member every week, email me with some info bout u, like name age birthday y u started playing any blizzard games.

Email Vash3.0 with ideas

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