Ranks of the clan members

Find your Rank and the other's rank!

Everybody who starts is a Rookie, brake 2 rules your rank becomes n00b. Stay 2 months with the clan and get on often your rank can become almost anything, you can't become a Leader, Elder. Elder is givin to people who help others in the clan obay all rules and already is a custum rank, and how loyal you are to Vash2.0+3.0 makes it go faster. Only top ranks can have a quote by there names.

Top Ranks

Leaders-Vash2.0  "I've got a pile of rocks and know how to use them"

     Vash3.0  "You don't want to confuse me, I get mad and reach for the blue playdoh"

Elders-#1 Flmer

Custum Ranks



Rookie #1-None

N00b list

<('o'<) NOBODY (>'o')>



Ranks updated when new ones come!